Accademia Nazionale di Medicina


Via M. Piaggio 17/6
16122 Genova (GE)

President: Professor  Mario Piccoli
General Manager:  Dr. Stefania Ledda
Accademia Nazionale di Medicina (AccMed in the following) is a no-profit scientific association, active in the fields of continuous professional education and knowledge spread in medicine, public health and biomedical research.
AccMed was founded in 1991 and has its headquarters in Genova, with an additional office in Roma and Bologna. Thanks to its wide spectrum of long established partnerships with different institutions (ministries, local governments, universities, research institutes...), AccMed is able to collect a large array of diversified inputs and to select the best opportunities to design and promote educational and research projects.
IAMP Contact: 
Danila Di Sisto - Institutional Secretary
Elisa Giordano - Institutional Secretary
(+39 010) 8379 4221/ 8379 4233