EC & YPL: visit to the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts

The perspective of the Young Physician Leaders programme is not only reflected in its horizontal (peer-to-peer) connections, but also in its vertical (mentor-mentee) collaborations. Thus, the establishment of a networking platform between IAP for Health senior representatives and the YPL alumni is regarded as a significant achievement of the YPL programme.

One such collaboration was launched between Prof. Thomas Zeltner, member of the Swiss Academy of Arts and Sciences and the IAP for Health Executive Committee, and Dr. Venko Filipche, 2015 YPL alumnus from Macedonia. This resulted in a visit and an invited lecture at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts on 12 October 2016.

Prof. Zeltner gave a talk that revolved around the future of healthcare in general and, in particular, the Swiss perspective. In essence, the talk provided an overview of European healthcare, a comprehensive review of the Swiss health system, and a comparative analysis with the Macedonian health system, with special emphasis on the future decisions and actions for increased efficacy and progress.

The presentation was attended by Macedonian healthcare representatives in various stages of their academic careers, including young researchers, public healthcare officials and academicians.

Video available here 

Report by: Biljana Gjoneska (YPL 2011, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
Photo by: Ivan Blazev (Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts)