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The Caribbean Academy of Sciences
Room 1 East, Block 13, Faculty of Engineering, The Univesity of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus
Trinidad and Tobago


The Caribbean Academy of Sciences was inaugurated at an international seminar on Science, Technology and Development held in Port of Spain, Trinidad on May 17-18, 1988. It is organized under five divisions covering the natural, agricultural, medical, engineering and social sciences. The membership stands at approximately 150 including members drawn from the above disciplines.

Although CAS has six chapters (Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana, Martinique, Antigua and Barbados) the membership of CAS is drawn from the entire Caribbean, stretching from Cuba and Jamaica in the north to Guyana and French Guyana on the South American continent.

The Chapters hold numerous workshops but in addition every two years since 2005 and every year since 2011 the CAS Central body host workshops for regional Science Teachers. Each workshop caters for about twenty teachers from five to six territories. To date, the workshops which were all held in collaboration with the governments of the region, have been held in Grenada, Antigua, Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana. In addition CAS collaborates with regional governments to have a number of teachers trained in Canada.

 Based on the fact that the CAS membership is wide spread the CAS influence in the region is quite wide. Many CAS members are advisors to Governments and Government agencies across the region. In addition senior CAS members are often asked to provide advice or sit on Boards/Committees on a wide range matters. CAS members have provided advice and papers on the Oil Industry, the sugar industry, Science and Technology and Infrastructural Development to mention a few. In Trinidad and Tobago, where our Head Quarters is located the Academy has collaborated with The National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST) on many projects.

CAS partners with this national organization in creating a national interest in science by presenting awards to leading Scientists of the country. The annual awards ceremony,  ‘Icons of Trinidad and Tobago’ is accompanied by  a book with the same title; the book presents a brief history of each scientist.

At the 20th General Assembly of the Caribbean Academy of Sciences (CAS) held on November 24, 2016 in Guadeloupe at the Fort Langley Resort, the following members were elected to serve as the Executive of the 2016-2018 term:-

President                                 Professor Emeritus Winston Mellowes – Trinidad & Tobago
Secretary                                 Dr. Jo-Anne Sewlal – Trinidad & Tobago
Treasurer                                 Dr. Mark Wuddivira – Trinidad & Tobago
Foreign Secretary                   Dr. Trevor Alleyne – Trinidad & Tobago
Public Relations Officer         Dr. Patricia Sealy – Trinidad & Tobago

Past President: Professor Tara Dasgupta

IAMP Contact: 
Professor Tara Dasgupta, past president
1-868-662-2002 Ext. 84469
Trinidad and Tobago