Note 8


Please find attached  the 2011 Joint G8+ science Academies statement on Water and Health, presented at the G8 meeting of heads of state in May 2011. It is accompanied by a letter from the  IAMP co-chairs  requesting your attention and participation, similar to the ones carried out last year.

We would like to express gratitude to all those academies which proposed candidates for the IAMP Young Physician Leaders event scheduled in conjunction with the World Health Summit in Berlin in October this year. We are very pleased to inform you that 40 nominations were received from 23 member academies  and are now under review. Successful candidates will be informed shortly regarding arrangements of what we hope will prove to be fruitful occasion for all.

Please remember that IAP has announced the annual call for proposals. Projects should involve several member academies with an annual budget of USD 50,000. For more information log on to (